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elseware is a brooklyn based industrial design collective that makes one heck of a cool tiling system. if you're like me and positively loathe those weird suction cup things that you have to use to stick anything to a tile bathroom, you'll get why this is so great. janet villano designed a really cool tiling system called massa that is comprised of tiles that each have a different accesory built into them. you can have a built in bud vase, soap dish, hook, towel holder, toothbrush holder or sling shelf. it's a pretty cool idea. of course you'll need to be able to tile a section of your bathroom, but if you are- oohwee is this a cool idea. click here for more info on janet's massa system and here for more info on the goods from elseware.

tile system by janet villano




Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wish i owned my apartment. i mean- i really don't because it's a crumbling 100 year old building, but still... there is only so much you can layer on top of re-re-re-spackled walls, painted wallpaper, and slanting wood floors that have huge cracks between each board. for all the cool things i bring in, the canvas is still rotting. these tiles are so inspiring, but who wants to put that kind of money (not to mention cool shit)into an apartment they don't own. so depressing. thats life in brooklyn though...

3:40 PM  
Blogger h said...

I wish you would point out in your posts when a "product" is only a show piece and not available for purchase. :(

5:27 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

nope it is. you have to email elsware for info...it's a project but i spoke with them and they said they'll take email orders depending on quantity.


(i wouldn't do that to you guys) :)

6:48 PM  

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