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hooray for jay!


inspired by jay's win last night on project runway (hooooraay!) i decided to feature some gorgeous textiles by dutch designer claudy jognstra. she's also part of the vivid crew i mentioned yesterday. her work is breathtakingly beautiful and certainly deserves some recognition. click here for more info on claudy and the whole vivid crew.

editor's note: just got back from the doctor, will be posting more after i eat breakfast...it's been an icky morning.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend at work, who is originally from Pennsylvania, knew Jay! And has a pair of pants he bought from him. I'm so jealous.
Ahhh and I'm sooo HAPPY for Jay.
Kara Saun was being shady last night don't you think, with the shoes?
And it amazes me, that Wendy who has a child and should be aware that she is a role model for her, acted so horribly throughout the show. Her line was horrible.

1:24 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

eegads i agree. wendy should have known better and i thought she seemed even more coniving and disgusting last night because she clearly played that mother card to come across as nicer and less evil. but no dice. what a wench.

i never loved kara saun. her work is a little bling for me. plus all that leather and fur sucks. ick.

i love love love jay to death. after that initial special on his hometown i was even more convinced he should win. kors got it right when he said "kara saun is perfect but jay is in this tiny town doing all this so you know this is coming from his gut, it's just coming from inside."

i love it. the true artist is finally rewarded.

hooray for jay!!


1:45 PM  

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