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lite brite neon to the rescue!


just when i think i'm about to die of a)boredom b)the winter doldrums and c)suffering from a crappy week, lite brite neon comes along to cheer me up with their bright new additions to the lighting world. not content to rest on their neon laurels (check their neon chandies from last year), matt dilling and co. have designed a new table light that evokes the baroque in such a modern, electric way. they're still in proto form but you can always contact matt here and get more info- they're always willing to build if there's a demand. you can find more info on lite brite neon here. enjoy!

editor's note: i have a scoop that lite brite neon is going to soon be the darling of the ny times style mag...i'll be sure to post the exclusive right before the pub date.



Blogger Silver Samba said...

This info brightened my day... ooops, obvious, overused unintentional punn! But really lovin' this work... thank u!

5:45 PM  
Blogger rhubelerosko said...

Matt Dilling is one of the greatest human beings in this world. He is not only creative and interesting, he is also nice and incredibly intelligent. I recommend that if you ever can, take a class with him. He knows everything there is to know about neon and loves to explain. Love this dude. And his stuff.

12:17 PM  

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