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guck in a puck


ac can attest to the fact that i frequently fall in love with packaging. maybe it's because i'm the product of parents that were involved in advertising and marketing, as well as the "interior" arts, but i seem to be constantly pulled towards packaging, the aesthetic and interesting advertising campaigns. for this reason, my latest crush happens to be ac's new hair products from sharps- a new york based company that produces grooming products for men with a fantastic packaging and marketing campaign.

sharps' simple, bold and highly graphic campaign sucked me in from the start. we saw their products at riley james in san francisco and ac eventually caved and bought the "guck in the puck" after i cooed on and on about how much i loved the logos. their products are graced with four images, each somehow adding to the "modern, hip barbershop" feel of the line. the first is an astronaut (my favorite), the second, a goat with a strangely elongated neck, the third a suggestive geisha and the last, an old school microphone. each, along with the simple but gorgeous color combo of maroon/brown and white, add to a sense of updated masculinity that i love. beyond that, they smell good too. so, if you're lookin for some new hair gunk (girls too- it smells that good), look no further than sharps, a company that adds a little bit of cool to both your cabinet and coif.

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Anonymous AC said...

Eh-hem. While our cute Ms. Sponge did indeed enjoy the packaging of said sharps products - I most certainly did NOT "cave" and get them. I was totally into the packaging and the smell of the products and needed no coaxing to buy them. Just setting the record straight. That said, I really do love this stuff, it does smell good, and can really ruin a silk tie if you rub it on one at a trendy store in cobble hill. Coaxed. Psshaw!


4:52 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

Cool, thanks for the rec. I think the goat's extra long "neck" is actually its beard. Maybe more appropriate to say goatee?

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Schuyler said...

Check out www.pharmanyc.com. It's primarily a site that sells beauty products for women (the shop is down on Clinton St. on the LES), but quite intelligently, includes Sharps products without indicating that they are strictly for men. When I first ran across Sharps bottles at Pharma, I didn't know they were intended for men. Drawn by the packaging, I purchased some shampoo for myself that ended up being used mostly by my husband. I guess that just goes to show that good design is a unisex turn-on.

11:13 PM  

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