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sometimes i wish i could just live in velocity art and design. i know i can't, but i wish i could. i'd love to wake up surrounded by all their amazing art and all sorts of rad design stuff. then i'd wander to their kitchen section and cook something delicious with awesomely designed spatulas and pans. ah, to dream. maybe one day i'll own my own store and live in it, or well, above it or something. who knows.

but until then, here's some info on one of velocity's featured artist's: joe futschik. joe's work is beautiful and simple (my favorite). his art combines gorgeous pieces of wood with modern, graphic color blocks (painted on top). joe can produce custom work, but you can also check out the collection at velocity. enjoy!





Blogger Melissa said...

OH!!!! I LOOOOOVE that! I am so obsessed with wood grain in unexpected places. (check out my necklaces).... (sorry about the "plug")

Anyway, I have some boring wood hollow core doors in my house. They have nice grain to them... it's just too much. How cool would a design like Graphic Series 4.4 be on all the doors in my hallway??! Hmm.. lets see what hubby thinks! (Hey Xan, if you're reading this... what do YOU think?) My house has a bit of a 50's modern/eclectic feel to it.

Thanks SOOO much for all the cool stuff, d*s! I can't get enough of your blog!


8:40 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Hey! Jason (hubby) likes the idea! Yay! I'm doin it. Thanks for the inspiration, d*s!!!

8:46 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

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8:47 PM  

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