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little freddy flare, part I

pie pie pie book at fred flare

i love fred flare. have i said that yet today? soooo trendy and crazy and fun. i wouldn't go there to invest in lifetime pieces, but it's a great stop for fun design that will spice up your humble abode. this week i love books from fred flare. first off, i love the pie book because it's called "pie pie pie" and well, that's what i scream when i see pie. i also LOVE these "this is..." books about cities. i saw the san fran one in wburg the other day and almost got it. click here to get it yourself.





Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miroslav Sasek's books are amazing! Here's a great site about him...http://www.miroslavsasek.com/ mainted by i like (http://www.ilike.org.uk/)


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