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my mom had a cat named reefer in the 70's. i just had to share that. not only because it's hysterical, but because it sorta relates to this post. these glasses from factory 37 are made from recycled reef glasses, which make them super environmentally friendly. "the green glass company takes original bottles that are heading for the landfill and transforms them into these functional yet witty glasses." while i'm not super gung ho about the look, i do love the thought behind it. very treehugger, very cool.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello,it's your mother and the owner of the infamous Reefer! Just to set the record straight,my cat was named for the OCEAN REEF,since I live in a beach resort! I was naive to hang that label on that poor feline,but he was a peach of a cat! Love you,DS!

3:18 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

sure mom, sure.


love you to pieces,

3:46 PM  

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