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sprokets (updated)


dornbracht's name reminds me of mike meyers in sprokets. ah i miss the days when snl was funny. ok, sorta funny. ok, sometimes funny. anyway, make no mistake, dornbracht is no joke- they make seriously gorgeous accessories and fixtures for the bathroom. not exactly the kind i could afford, but i'm sure someone out there can. the mem fixture above is quite simple, sick. it is the sickest faucet ever and i would love to open up a mini contest to find one that's even better. so, comment away below if you can find some. i love fun faucets.

on another note, after a day of furious posting while blogger seems to be working momentarily, i'm exhausted. i've been really stressed out lately so i need to take a break. i'm in the middle of a crunch at work, some fast and furious freelancing and trying to put the finishing touches on the new and improved d*s to launch in the not so distant future. so, ac and i will be getting away tomorrow and i won't be posting to the blog. i need to get away from the city and find some new inspiration. i want to go to stores and see things in person, talk to people and see what's going on in the world of retail. i spend so much time behind a monitor i often forget what it's like to walk in and cruise through a great design store. so, in the interest of refueling for a better, more exciting d*s, i'll be signing off this evening and returning on monday, full of ideas and hopefully sportin some new kicks, because mine are TIRED. see you monday, have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. xoxox, d*s

i wanted to add this really quickly. i'm in the midst of a redesign and a move, and i have some ideas about what i do and don't want for the site, but i'd love to hear suggestions from everyone out there. what features would you like to see added to the site? let your mind wander and then spill it into the comments below. i'd really appreciate hearing what everyone has to say. thanks so much. OHH! DON'T FORGET TO LOOK FOR LITE BRITE IN THE T STYLE MAG THIS WEEKEND!!


meta plasma



Blogger dcopulsky said...

The site's great as is (thanks!). My only suggestion is that you don't change the ability to post comments; it's something other similar sights don't have that I like a lot about this one.

-Dan Copulsky

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Ah, I love a challenge!
LaCava seems to have some interesting faucets, particularly the waterblade and the really snuggly 'embrace'.

Incidentally, I love your blog - I just stumbled across it a few weeks ago and you've got the same aesthetic I do! I'm going back to school to reinvent as an interior designer, so your posts been a source of inspiration for the future. Thank you!

10:05 PM  
Blogger Max said...

As a blog about design, you should have an awesome layout. Spend a few minutes playing with backgrounds and whatnot, especially if you're moving to your own hosting. Your website should ooze design like http://www.12oz.com oozes graffiti.

Your content is great, don't worry about it. Your writing style is perfect. Your excitement about this stuff comes through loud and clear; it's infectuous. Comments are a good thing to have, even if people don't leave them constantly.

Keep up the good work.

10:49 PM  
Blogger splatgirl said...

Faucet nirvana, and the service is excellent as well.

12:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've been following your wonderful blog for a while now. I think if there was anything you could add, an searchable, database style archive would be great. It would be nice to be able to search for a particular day or name/brand or type (i.e. searching for cards/paper only, etc). I don't know if this is possible but it would be a nice addition. Livejournal has a calendar function that you can sift through individual days and entries but no searchable database. Regardless, your blog is great! Thanks very much!

1:35 PM  

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