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crush of the week: variegated


sometimes you're lucky enough to stumble upon something so great that you stop in your tracks, swoon and whip out your wallet to seal the deal. in my case, this happened yesterday at matter in brooklyn.


while browsing for some new ideas, i came across variegated's new "four seasons" pillows (seen above) and seriously had a cow. now, granted, i am a bonafide pillow freak, but these pillows rule. i love their simple, graphic style and all of the fantabulous colors in which they come. (i'm partial to the black and yellow). and to top it off, they're made by a wonderful team of design dynamos from north carolina. yes, that's right, represent for the south. (what what?).


variegated is a great bedding and textile design group started by corbett and jim in hudson, noo yawk. these guys make seriously beautiful bed linens that i wanted to post about awhile ago, but being the lazy butt that i am, i slept on it and managed to be dumb enough to forget all about it. i know i know, less alias and more work. anyway, while i slept apartment therapy did a lovely post on them, so i felt like it was unnecessary to repost it here because it was so good.


so anyway, back to the pillows. the four seasons collection is a series of long rectangular pillows that come with one of four patterns on them: spring, summer, fall or winter. (the four seasons, natch). the patterns are elegant, bold, graphic and delightfully fun to look at. i'm also nuts about the colors they come in. hot pink is one of them, and you know how i love hot pink. the pillows are 100 bucks a pop (i can't afford this now, but i'm saving up for 2 black and yellow ones, maybe more! i love em so much!) and you can find them at a number of retail locations, but if you're in ny, be sure to check out sleep, a brand new bedding store in my home neighborhood of williamsburg. it's lovely and run by very nice ladies. so, please please, go grab yourself some variegated goods (they don't just make pillows, they have all sorts of great bedding!) and support a good cause- these guys just lost a dear family pet and my thoughts are with them. so if you have a second, think a nice thought for the variegated crew and their departed friend. hang in there guys, we're thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.






Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have enough design-appreciatin' friends, so I thought I would post this awesome item I found in clicking a link from the variegated site.



1:30 PM  

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