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sin city


i thought it was about time for a non-product post and although this came out a few weeks ago, i wanted to do a brief post on sin city. first, let me preface this by saying that i don't profess to be a) a film buff b) a comic buff or c) a lighting/tech buff. i'm merely expressing my personal interest in this film that i think, quite frankly, rules- in a visual sense.


while i think the plot line of sin city, and the dialogue for that matter, were rather lacking, i think the visuals were out of sight. everyone was all freaked out when skycaptain came out last year, but honestly, i think this is worth way more fuss than skycaptain. long story short, sin city is an adaptation of frank miller's stories based in a morally bankrupt metropolis. the characters and plot lines are deliciously over the top and they certainly made sure that the film lived up to the famed film noir comic.


black and white can seem played out sometimes, but in sin city, it provides the perfect backdrop for a series of seedy stories set in an even seedier town. it also makes for a wonderful vehicle with which to highlight the occasional splashes of color in the film (red blood, a yellow face). i was blown away by the sheer effect of the comic meets movie look. the actors left a bit to be desired (celeb overload combined with some poor choices- good god! why do people let brittany murphy act?!), but the visuals made up for it.


the scene i was struck most by was little gilmore girl, alexis bledel walking down the street in her whacked out street girl outfit with gloriously highlighted piece sign and cross chains (see above). it's just so gorgeous.


i highly suggest you check it out if you've got a high tolerance for gratuitous violence and shoddy dialogue. i sort of wish i could have watched it without the sound- it might have been better than way. but heck, sometimes in life there's room for the visual and this is a perfect case- i'd watch this over and over again just to see this gorgeous comic brought to life. you can click here to find out more about sin city and find out where it's playing near you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed. visually engrossing. and the over-the-top noir-ness was engrossing... except for murphy. good god, brittany murphy was mind-numbingly ridiculous in the three or four scenes she was in. good to see you caught the movie and posted on it.

9:52 PM  
Blogger Driver2165 said...

i'm totally with you, except i think the tinpot dialogue works because that's how the comic was written. i naturally tuned it out much of the time. which i loved, because on the rare occasion i read a comic book i end up tuning out the words and plot.

12:07 AM  
Blogger Erzengel said...

Im an avid reader of yours, and i must confess, i never expected to see this posted here. All this time i tought you were some sort of "sugar, flowers and everything nice" girl. I simply loved Sin City wher i read the comic book back in the days, the movie was just so exact, so perfect... to my taste, the best comic adapation ever.

4:35 PM  
Blogger revscat said...

The dialogue was completely intentional, and was for me one of my favorite parts of the movie. The camp was an homage to the detective stories of the mid part of last century, and while at times I found myself laughing out loud at it, it was never with an air of superiority or condemnation, just pure enjoyment.

11:12 AM  

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