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when i'm all grown up....


...i'll own nice pieces that i won't feel ok letting my cats tear up. and these are some i might consider- passed on to me by a lovely d*s reader, khaden tibetan rugs are rich, sensual and beautifully made. they're a bit more traditional than i'd normally go, but i'd love to have these in my hallways so i could walk on them barefoot, they look so thick and lush. i'm waiting to hear back about prices, but i'm sure they're pretty up there. so, if you can afford a nice investment piece now, i'd give these a look- they're gorgeous. more info on khaden here.





Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you get any word on price range for these rugs? They are lovely.

12:25 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

they didn't email me back yet...but ill post asap when i get it. sorry, doesn't usually take this long to hear back. ugh.


9:42 AM  

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