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whitney wares

petal rings

the whitney has long been my favorite art museum in manhattan. even with the moma's big fancy schmancy re-do and all their "manhattan is modern again" signs, my allegiance belongs to the whitney. their biennial is consistently my favorite show in the city. while the museum of natural history is my all-time favorite musueum in ny, the whitney will always be my favorite art museum. so, in honor of my unicorn teammate, lindsay (who did a great job as offense last week!) who works there, i thought i'd mention some of the great pieces that the whitney store has to offer.


the main collection at the whitney store contains some of the great design classics of the last few decades-jeff koons pieces and the antler hooks by david wiseman- but it also houses a gorgeous jewelry collection by designer, dawn benedetto.


benedetto's work is both colorful and whimsical, two of my favorite characteristics for jewelry to have. i was immediately drawn in by the petal rings, a beautiful series of dazzling glass beads on stretchable cords strung through a sterling silver band. the multicolored version is my favorite, it looks like a beautiful explosion of colored glass on your finger.


dawn also created earring and bracelet sets that have a similar style to the petal collection, but my favorite works of hers are the roe rings, which i will be saving up for as a little treat for myself ($58 online). i'm in deep like with the "dark black" version that looks eerily like the squishy stuff it's named after. the roe rings are simple, elegant and modern- three things any girl can admire.

so, click on by the whitney's online store, or visit in person if you can- their collection is well edited and definitely deserves an online browse- and remember, mother's day is coming up so everyone has an excuse to be looking for great gifts online.

ps: you can also buy dawn's work online where there is a wide variety of color choices and a new style, pearl. i love the roe ring in bottle green, olive oil and hive- gorgeous.



Blogger Emily said...

I am such a sucker for your fun jewelry posts! Seriously... love it!
Thanks for passing this fun stuff along to those of us who aren't buried in the furniture design world...

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Lana said...

I bought the "Jolly-Loli" ring in a shop in Ottawa, Ontario. I *love* this ring because the beads are on an elastic so I can wear it on all of my fingers. Handy.

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last year, I saw one of Dawn's rings in the gift shop of the Women's Museum in DC -- and, of course, bought it immediately. She deserves to become a huge star.

1:41 PM  

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