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color me wonderful


i'm a color freak. that's right, i said it, color FREAK. i'm always planning which colors to paint so-and-so and dropping in benjamin moore, just for fun. so, even though i don't have a new apt to paint yet, i've already planned out some potential colors. benny moore of course, since he's my fav.



i'm making this year all about dark, dark navy blue for me. the darker the better. inspired by a domino mag shoot, i've fallen for "soot" (2129-20). i'd love to pair it with fresh turquoise and some bright white for a fantastic POP. but if dark blue won't do, i've also found a gorgeous, where-have-you-been-all-my-life color called "tawny day lilly" (2012-10) that is guaranteed to wake you up this summer.


since you have to have something fresh and springy in the home, i've decided to go chartreuse crazy. ac isn't so nuts about it, but i am. to go with the bowls and platters below, i found "citron" (2021-30) and "chartreuse" (2024-10). bright, poppy, wonderful.

summer basket green

if none of these are your things, check out "summer basket green" (2040-40), a lovely, calming green that would blend nicely to any decor without standing out too too much. and if you're looking for a nice subtle gray, don't forget the tried and true "chelsea gray" (hc-168) that i had on my walls until i moved. it's the PERFECT gray.


so, pop on by your local paint store and grab yourself some summer color (or try benjamin moore's personal color viewer online). everything better in color.



Blogger Scott W said...

That interactive room changer is a lot of fun! Really enjoy reading your blog.

3:28 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

thanks! isn't the colorfinder fun?

i spend way too much time playing with color on there- although i find it really misrepresents blues and greens sometimes..


4:11 PM  
Blogger velocitygirl said...

I have to second your opinion about paints---I've used a dozen different low and hi end paints (being a color freak myself), and Benny Moore is the best!

1:09 PM  
Anonymous ArtyCurtis said...

Hi there, d*s, never commented on here before -- clicked the link on AT, which I love.

Fun colors you've found there; I have to say this about apartment colors -- I rented apartments for 12 years before finally buying my first one, and I think that when people move in, they should go ahead and decide that they are just GOING to enjoy being there, and that are just GOING to paint them whatever color they want to.

And reconcile themselves to either re-painting before they leave, to the boring landlord colors that many leases require they be; OR go ahead and kiss their security deposit goodbye; OR make sure they stay three years, so that its time for the landlord to re-paint, anyway.

Because, unless you intentionally, actually, intensely really DO love white or off-white walls, life is too short to live without color.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you actually get around to using these paints, DO take advantage of their sample paints pots! We found that every green we tried turned INCREDIBLY more yellow on the walls.

For example, a paint that looked like a light-neutral-greenish-kakhi on the walls turned into a (no exaggeration) yellow-lime when applied. A mellowed-apple-green turned into flourescent yellow-green. Even after they dried. Even after double coats. The swatches are completely unreliable! (But the paint's damn lovely once you finally find the right one!)


1:12 PM  

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