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eva solo


josh's post on eva solo reminded me to check back in with the ultra modern danish company to see what was new...


eva solo introduced some great new (ultra slick, ultra modern) products this year, starting with a super cool "grill starter" that warms charcoal briquettes and allows you to dump them onto the fire, speeding the process and allowing you to eat your kabobs a little bit sooner.


to go along with the grilling theme, eva solo released some chic, minimalist grill skewers and a spatula. ultra cool and ultra modern as always.


and last but not least, eva solo produced a great little magnetic timer that you can stick to a steel surface to monitor your cooking. kinda clever little gadget (if you have some steel surfaces handy) if you ask me. they also put out a nice white bowl with a handle. not sure how hard it is to carry a bowl, but hey, it's a nice simple bowl- i'm not gonna argue.


you can find more info on eva solo right here. (and a sample of their earlier work below).




Blogger Brian W said...

I really like the "salad bucket", it's just enough of a twist on a simple item to get a giggle and a few comments out of your bbq-attending friends!

I'm not 100% sold on the charcoal chimney, but only because the ordinary ones you get at the hardware store have such a classic un-designed aesthetic. But then again, I'm also a sucker for a totally ordinary, round, black-enameled charcoal grill for the same reason.

12:01 PM  

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