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west coast


i had the most wonderful weekend in california. i just wanted to share a few happy thoughts with everyone before the day's posting begins...


i was lucky enough to get to spend some more time with the fabulous card girls of san francisco: kate of saturate, stacy of pancake and franks and jean of eieio. thank you so, so much for taking the time to have lunch with me you guys- it was beyond wonderful to see you.


in addition to fun time with the girls, we attended the wedding of our friends chris and hilleary. the wedding was, to put it simply: perfect. every last detail was so them. it was just this perfect little moment and i was so honored to have been invited. highlights: ac performing the ceremony and getting to say, "by the power vested in me...by the internet" and the bride's brother playing "tangerine" by led zeppelin on the accordion as she walked down the sand "aisle" that was made with flowers placed in the sand. it was just beautiful. congratulations you guys, i wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness and joy.


other highlights? dinner in hayes valley [thanks, lara!], getting to rent a pt cruiser convertible [soo much fun], the view from our hotel window and getting burnt to a crisp and not even realizing it. it will be tan soon- YES!

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



Anonymous Becca said...

sounds like a fabulous wedding ... wonderful photos ... love the cards and the pillows!

6:24 AM  

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