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faces faces everywhere


i love these little vases, they remind of a game i used to play where each person had a little stand with people on it and you had to guess who each person had by saying things like, "does your person have red hair? brown eyes? a hat?" (does anyone remember what this was called??). anyway, these "genetic tale" vases are an older piece from alessi that are currently carried at the magazine. i know they're not new, but they're oh so cute. each one is a small porcelain flower vase decorated with tiny blue vases. i just like the idea of a whole town of people taking care of my flowers. $45 at the magazine.



Blogger Quackard said...

The game was called, fittingly, "Guess Who?" And I loved that game, too! One of the few games my sister and I never tired of for some reason....

Love your posts and your style.

10:44 AM  
Blogger TFoxD said...

"Guess Who" makes a good drinking game, actually. And in the rules there is a variation for "Challenge Guess Who", where each player picks two cards instead of one. Then you might ask, "Are either of your people women?", and if your opponent says, "Yes", then you are stuck not being able to flip down anything, because one could be a boy and one could be a girl!

As you can see, I still play this game with some frequency...

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"each one is a small porcelain flower vase decorated with tiny blue" ...faces? You wrote "vases."

12:20 PM  
Anonymous meg said...

just saying i love your site... i have u as a posted fav link on my xanga

5:49 PM  

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