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ornament and crime

onyx cloud

it's been way too long since i posted something on rena tom. i can't believe it, what was i thinking? i've been guest posting over at apartment therapy all week so it must have drained some brain power. anyway, time's up and here comes the "ornament and crime" (fall 2005) collection from my favorite jewelry-makin brooklynite, ms. rena tom.

hnoeycomb charm


rena's fall collection is full of trusty standbys (delicate flower beading themes and great big chunks of wood and onyx with dangly strings of gold), but makes a great big gorgeous leap into engraved and patterned metalwork. her "honeycomb" pieces are simply gorgeous and mark a wonderful new direction for ms. tom. i'm always a huge fan of her simple wood pieces (love love love the duchess necklace), but these new metal pieces add a great sense of progression to her collection- it's so fun to watch rena try out new materials and methods.



you can browse and shop rena's new "ornament and crime" collection online right here.




Blogger Anne said...

A wonderful(and affordable)designer...thanks.

9:42 PM  

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