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precidio objects


ok, i admittedly had nothing to do with finding these guys, although i wish i had. i swear, i'm always one step behind the coolness that is velocity art and design. john of velocity mentioned these guys and i've been trying to track them down ever since. they're going to be up on velocity's online store soon (correct me if i'm wrong, john!), but until then, you can get some more info on them right here...



precidio objects is an ontario based distributor of modern housewares. i'm wild about their "sum" line by helen kerr. "sum" is a series of vessels and containers that have about a gazillion different uses. made of materials like melamine, acrylic and silicone, the line has lids that can serve as plates, and vessels that can double as vases, bowls, pencil-holders, do-dads containers and and endless amount of other options. The range costs anywhere from $3-$24, so it's certainly not hard to bring "sum" modern style into your home (har har). you can get more information and retail details right here (i'll let you know when they're up on velocity's site).





Anonymous Anonymous said...


I carry the other two lines by Precidio at my store, Show, in Los Angeles. They are equally as nice as Sum. One is Jonathan Adler Happy Home and the other which sells really well is Sunami. Melamine rules!

Best regards,


4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

G- Thanks for the mention about this line. We will be indeed adding all three lines to the site, including the Adler and Sunami styles. As Brad said, they are equally as nice, and actually Sunami is quite gorgeous, and a personal favorite. Thanks- John

7:22 PM  
Blogger fishpatrol said...

Please do keep us posted on online availability; help the hapless hopers in the Midwest!

9:13 AM  

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