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a little kitsch goes a long way...


too much kitsch can be awful, but just enough can be fantastic. these vintage phones at uncommon goods would be perfect used in just the right place. next to a shag rug and pea green refridgerator, this would certainly be overkill, but i could see someone working this in to an existing decor really well. available in three colors at uncommon goods for around $150 (the orange is out of stock for two weeks, but will be back soon if you're interested in it).




Anonymous Anonymous said...

These phones look great. Just the other day I picked up a phone very similiar (though not rotary) from the thrift store.

I like the solid feel and design of phones like this.

5:10 PM  
Blogger Gina said...

love the phones, so retro fabulous!

5:21 PM  

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