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uranium glass


ok, ever since i read this article about the woman designing marc jacob's home collection, i've been nursing this small obsession with uranium glass. i can't remember where i read the article, or the name of the marc jacobs woman (does anyone remember this??) but she had a gorgeous collection of uranium glass and i've been trying to find it online ever since. i like the sort of pale yellow colored class, and i'd love to find it in all sorts of weird glassware, esp anything looking like a beaker or plain glass, nothing fancy or victorian. anyone have any ideas? i tried ebay but everything was really green and super ornate. thanks for any tips!



Anonymous nicole said...

try looking under Vaseline Glass


2:36 PM  
Anonymous claire said...

Every time I see vaseline glass in an antique store, it's displayed under a blacklight (it glows). It totally cheapens it. Makes me think of Spencers. I really wish they wouldn't do that.

10:56 PM  
Blogger Roxana M. Asami said...

I remember reading that article and I think it was in Domino's launch issue.... Hope that helps :)

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You may be able to find it at one of the shops at Wheaton Village, in Millville NJ. They usually have Uranium glass on display in their museum. If is they have none for sale, you can ask some of the very helpful people working in the stores, or at the glass blowing demonstrations and they should be able to assist you or direct you to someone who can. I realize NJ might be too far to travel, but if you have an obsession with glass it's "the" place to go and be amazed at the history and the collections. Home of the "Millville Rose" paperweight, Millville is rich in glass history. There is glass from all over the world in the museum. www.wheatonvillage.org

12:46 AM  

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