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dutch disturbance


the future perfect just announced a new show, with works by dutch artist, judith van den boom. DUTCH DISTURBANCE 2005 will run from september 7 - october 6, 2005, with an opening event friday, september 9, 2005 7-10 pm. (www.thefutureperfect.com for more info and location).



ms. van den boom's "dutch disturbance" series is a rather disturbing take on traditional dutch ceramics and icons. her "holy cow" vase features the headless body of a cow used as a vase, which she describes as, "inspired [by] the royal delft cows. true alienation of our dutch heritage." if that wasn't enough, she also has sweet little dutch girl figurines that have bullets, grenades and guns drawn on them. and believe me, there's plenty more. i still can't decide whether i'm intrigued or grossed out by them, but i figured you could all decide for yourselves...more info on judith can den boom right here [all pics from her website]





Blogger kaymaria said...

Check out these ceramics - what a set they'd make!

2:15 PM  
Anonymous gunter said...

hmmm...nice ones :-) sorry i can´t see her tonight....

11:16 AM  

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