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focus: AD VI


modern seed is overflowing with affordable design as well...[although no big furniture items yet, but i'll find some this week for sure]



the fat boy point is a great way to add some fun, cushy seating to your child's room without taking out a mortgage on the house. for $89 you can get a fat boy of your own in your choice of 12 colors.



if the fat boy isn't your style, how about a tiki stool for $40 (in 6 colors), a bronto chair for $85 or a complete 5 piece furniture set for $200?



beyond that, there are flensted mobiles for $60, candeloo lights (2 for $50), mini angela adams rugs for $100, an infant chair for $220, wallbands for $56, gorgeous mibo pendants for $86 and marimekko bedding for $69. the possibilities are endless. click here for more info.








Anonymous Anonymous said...

With how fast kids grow, I think most of these items are still overpriced and "nice to have", but not economical. Unfortunately, I think parents have to get creative nowadays if you want your kids to be hip :)

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is affordable and then there is CHEAP. I think some of these people that are commenting, want items that are cheap so they can throw them away when they tire of them or when why fall apart, the later of which will probably happen first. And why is it "unfortunate" that parents, or anyone for that matter, has to be creative to be "hip" these days. You should always try to be creative, unless you are content to look like everyone else around you. There are enough Walmarts and Kmarts out there to satisfy those that want all the objects around them to be low end, and as cheap as possible, so go get in line and stop trying to whittle down someone's efforts for making interesting items and offering them for a fair price.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sponge!

Just returned from vacation and am catching up to all the brouhaha regarding upscale children's design. I read the exchange over at AT, and I have to say I mostly don't get it. I work for an upscale architecture firm in Manhattan (which I will not name) that does absolutely stunning, seriously minimal, modern design. One thing that I've learned from my time here is that the simplest, most cost-effective materials in the world--galvanized metal, white plaster, wood veneer--can provide truly elegant (and warm!) solutions. In my opinion, the true d*sophile knows that it would be neither possible nor desirable to furnish an entire room (let alone an entire house!) with high-end modern products (magis! cappelini! netto! unfocused mess everywhere!). The d*s aesthetic, I think, relies on mixing it up--an unforgettable set of sheets here, an amazing piece of art there. The same idea applies to decorating children's rooms (which I have done): simplicity is key. One could create a totally modern and cool children's bedroom with a couple of splurges and some thrifty ikea finds, too. People needn't get all crazy about these products--no one is telling them that they need to buy every single one! A carefully edited group is so much more effective.

Just some thoughts...


5:47 PM  

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