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focus: AD VII


thank goodness for blueteabag who reminded me to check out the container store for great kids design. not only to they have two great pages for kids and teens, but they have a great set up with a ready made room set up so you can click on each item to get pricing, colors, etc. almost everything in each picture is under $225. click here for the kids playroom and here for the teen desk/room setup. my favorites are the clear chair for $7 and the blue desk chair for $180.




Anonymous Esri/Kiki said...

I think you'll enjoy this site.


I bought the silver vines design on the red aluminum, and a pill box with the cats design, with blue/aqua or whatever it is. The card case is beautiful, but not as beautiful as the examples she shows, which just goes to show that designers know what looks best. I just wanted something different.

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