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off pitchers

i am a huge, let me repeat, huge fan of esque design- a portland based glass studio run by artists, justin parker and andi kovel. i was thrilled to receive a cd of some great images of their work, so i wanted to share their designs in a larger post, so i could showcase the stunning range of work they produce.

cozylightcozy votive

founded by parker and kovel, esque design studio makes its mission "...to achieve a coherent vision of functional home accessories, lighting, and architectural detailing". their interest "is in the inherent attributes of glass, which we infuse into each aspect of the living environment". ackowledging the effect and inspiration of artistic works before them, esque chose a studio name that, "refers to the suffix, and is a nod to the acknowledgment of outside influences and inspirations. the idea that we cannot create in a vacuum, so must rely on our knowledge of the past to assemble our future".


having worked worked together for the past seven years, parker and kovel manage every aspect of the business as a team, from design to packaging. one of the top head glass blowers ("gaffers") in the country, parker is widely known for his skill with glass. in addition to teaching speciality glass classes across the country, parker has exhibited his artwork at various venues, including the brooklyn museum of art.

silvered setsilvered light

kovel is well known for her work as not only a designer, but as a glass blower, installation artist and painter. kovel has exhibited with the likes of claus oldenburg, damien hirst, and kiki smith and has taught for the long island university, urban glass, the university of california, and recently was a visiting artist at parson’s school of design.



the collaboration between kovel and parker has created some stunning works of art that clearly have a style of their own. from their brilliant use of color to their mastery of form, esque has created a line of glass lighting and accessories that function as both artwork and practical homegoods. from their gorgeous "cozy" line to their silver pieces, "off" pitchers and root vases, esque has a style that is wide ranging, but distinctly theirs.

root vase

punch bowls

my personal favorites are the wonderfully simple "off" series which take traditional ideas of pitchers, vases and caraffes and change the shape slightly, so as to create a melting effect, along with the "cozy" light and votive, which i seriously can't get enough of and the entire lighting collection, which really brings some unique looks to the industry.


esque's entire collection is phenomenal and no matter what your style, there is something for you- which i think is the real beauty of their work- they have really great, basic glasswork (although it's far from basic, it's stunning) and really "out there" pieces for those looking for a bit more edge to their glasswork. you can find more information, ordering details and the full collection at their website, esque design. [thanks, andi!]


poked low bowl





scientific lamp

detergent vase




Blogger Pajara Pinta said...

waaaw si que esta maravilloso ! a mi tembien me fascinan el vidrio como material de diseno... quieres ver algo maravilloso? te recomiendo a Dale Chiuhly es un artista americano que trabaja con vidrio... hace unas cosas espectaculares checalo http://www.chihuly.com/
buen dia!!!
te seguire leyendo

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Hélène - favoritechoses.com said...

Entre l'épuré fonctionnel doucement poétique (première photo) et la pièce unique colorée, plus proche de ce qu'on peut trouver à Venise / Murano (je pense à certaines pièces de Carlo moretti) - mon coeur balance...

A propos de verre, dans un esprit plus industriel, on retrouve Mat&Jewsky avec Upside Down : http://www.matejewski.com/a_catal/accessoires/upside.html.

Et puis Laurence Brabant accomode de jolis vases à partir de verres dépareillés chinés et assemblés pour leur dimensions, formes, couleurs...

2:24 PM  
Blogger sarahlicious said...

Check out the work of the Simple Syrup Glass Studio (www.simplesyrup.com). They have great stuff. Unfortunately their website doesn't seem to have all their work, but you can check them out at the Boston Society of Crafts where they are exhibiting ths month (www.societyofcrafts.org/retailgallery.asp).

5:30 PM  
Blogger trendoffice said...

Great! So versatile and so beautiful! I like very much the pickinggroup - they are so alive and at the same time - like ghosts.
I should have commented here in Bulgarian - so that you can have a larger language collection;)

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


[Except the glassware in the first image reminds me of those old portable glass urinals.]

10:47 AM  
Blogger EFB said...

Matter on 5th Avenue in Park Slope sells that Antler light. It's really cool in the right place.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I visited Justin and Andi at their new studio in north Portland yesterday, for a story in the Portland Tribune Tuesday 24 Jan (www portlandtribune.com) They were a lot of fun and quite inspiring. He said he would blow glass all day if he could, and she is still a parcticing fine artist on the side.

Joseph Gallivan

11:49 PM  

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