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focus: reader's voices

[the following post is from d*s reader, jan, who runs a lovely blog called "poppy". jan will be contributing every other week or so on various design topics, from kitchen design to her favorite new products. thanks for your post, jan!]

When i first saw this countertop dispenser from Zevro with the fruit loops inside, i was hoping it was available retail and was thrilled to see it was. Available at Cooking.com for $59.95 or the black version also available at Target for $29.99. Getting up in the morning may just be more fun with one of these. You really have to see these silicone spatulas by Chef'n to appreciate their quality and durability. Made of stain-resistant, high temperature (650ºF) silicone with steel core, these dual-ended asymmetric spatulas will glide with ease and won't scratch non-stick surfaces. You can purchase them online at Sur la Table, $7.95. With all the nice tomatoes around, this adorable 2 quart casserole from Le Creuset is perfect for serving tomato soup or a fresh tomato sauce. You can pick up this famed enamel over cast iron beauty at Sur la Table $100. it also comes in a mini version for $25. And if you are an ice cream sandwich fan like me, you are going to love this cute ice cream sandwich maker from Cuisipro. they are so fun! the durable plastic mold creates perfectly formed triangle ice cream sandwiches in a snap. Available at Sur la Table, $16.95.



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