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my dwr "notes" emails always have something interesting in them...this time design has gone to the dogs with some great photos from a competition inspired by the 1999 book, barkitecture.


dwr's boulder studio recently presented a modernist "barkitecture" challenge to a group of architects in the area. the challenge was to create a doghouse with dimensions not exceeding 3 cubic feet, that was under $1000 and used at least some recycled or "green" materials. 11 entries were submitted and then auctioned off to benefit the humane society of boulder. the five winning designs are on display through this weekend at the boulder museum of contemporary art...these pictures are just some of the winners...enjoy!

[houses from top to bottom, left to right: "The Bark Box; Jonathan Webb, Nick Hork, Matt Brenkle ", "Dog is in the Details; DTJ Designs ", "The Junkyard Doghouse: Balls to the Wall; Sydney Hamilton, Matt Wilhelm, Edgar Lopez, Melissa Martinez, Jane Crisler, Adam Ambro, Jennifer Radicella, Tim Hodson" and "The Canine Cave; Adam Hect and Keely Williams"]



Blogger Nicole Dominic said...

I actually work at DWR Boulder studio. I love your site and write for a design blog as well. It was a cool event and the architects involved were great. Thanks for giving us a shout out!

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the Junkyard Doghouse but I am not sure how you clean the tennis balls....might need a layer of plastic or something else in there.

10:33 AM  

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