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the bubble roome


beautifully packaged, natural beauty products from the bubble roome.. available online or at rare device in brooklyn. i LOVE their themed "brooklyn slices" line. i guess i'd be the "prospect park" line...more info here.

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Blogger karamdean said...

i have to say that the products of the bubble roome are AMAZING!! i am currently pregnant and swear by the 100% goodness body butter in lavender and geranium with cocoa, shea, and mango butters! these products really are 100% goodness and unique! plus, the price is right! i love the website as well- the design is amazing- i hope everyone gets to know these products soon!

6:23 PM  
Anonymous ellemac said...

The Tea Tree and Peppermint soap is my FAVORITE!!! It's great to use when I shave my legs - I don't need to put lotion on after - there are enough natural oils in it to make my legs smooooth and not dry! The Sugar Scrubs got my feet through flip flop season! Everyone should at least try the Tea Tree and Peppermint soap!!!!

3:51 PM  

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