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created by australian designer, william rhodes, the echelon stackable wine rack is a simple, elegant way to store your stacks of vino. you can stand the single unit alone or cluster additional units to hold a maximum recommended height of 12 bottles. available online at the design store for $49.




Blogger d said...

I've gotten made fun of for having wine racks at my relatively young age by my peers. I don't think I'd mind being made fun of for having those. Quite nice.


12:20 PM  
Anonymous William Rhodes said...

Great to see my little baby on your website - Thanks.
If you check out www.echelonproducts.com there you can see how to turn them into a wine cellar or contact Rohan for more info...
Some more work can be found on www.3pm.com.au/will

4:54 AM  

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