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bubble collection

beautiful, beautiful glassworks from portuguese glass artists, glasscor. senior designer, jorge lourenço adds that the hand blown colored glass is from the marinha grande glass region. more info and complete collections right here. [thanks, jorge!]






Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there Grace! I'm just a portuguese fan of your site since I was surfing on the web searching for one image suitable to my final college project of nursing highschool and found the puzzle of your post 'pieces of me' - precisely what I was looking for. Dispite the puzzle, I was really fond of your decoration suggestions, I just love interior design and you present very interesting and original ideas on your blog. Thank you for your refined sensibility and preferences. About this particular post, I was thrilling to see that you appreciate portuguese decor art such as Marinha Grande's. This is not only patriotism, actually my father worked all his life in decoration, he had a company of interior decoration pieces and colecctions, of importation and factory-store intermediary. A man of design good taste too and a quality recognizer and appreciator. Had some clients of Marinha Grande factory, of glass and crystal works of art. So I'm kind of skilled to criticize ;)It's very nice to know that you value portuguese talents in decor. And I agree with you, they have beautiful creations. Keep on surprising and delighting us! Best wishes,
Marta, from Lisbon.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

martavcz@gmail.com or visit my recent blog www.nested-spot.blogspot.com

2:56 PM  
Blogger carine said...

i was so glad when i saw the work of jorge in your blog.
i studed and worked with jorge in marinha grande , and i love his work..
congratulations for your blog (i´m a daily visitor)...

kissies and hugs

carina martina

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Jorge Lourenço said...

Thanks, Design*sponge for posting our work in your blog.
We are very happy, Thanks one more time...

Jorge Lourenço

6:32 AM  

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