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luren jenison


d*s reader, tamara passed along one of her risd classmates work this morning and i just had to share it. artist and 2005 risd grad, luren jenison creates beautiful, truly unique textile designs that make me wonder how long it will be before i see her work in metropolis or tokion. her stunning "cut-out" pieces are a must-see, as is her online exhibition at wooloo, which can be seen right here. be sure to check out the "nomadic environmental design" pieces- they're really something special. [thanks, tamara!]




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Anonymous FG / Montreal said...

c'est vraiment n'importe quoi . Everything is lacy-looking now. The movement debuted with Marcel Wanders's crochet table, and lately an amazing knitted wire-fence by some other guy, with hundreds of wannabe products in between, and now this . tss tss. getting tired ...

12:07 PM  
Blogger design*sponge said...

i'm not really over it yet, but thank you for reminding me...i wanted to point out that lace fence too, i thought it was so beautiful. i can't seem to find a silly link now...i'll keep looking.


12:58 PM  
Anonymous FG / Montreal said...

it's somewhere around this


3:25 PM  

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