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poppytalk: part two

[more kitchen goodies from poppy...]

emile henry has developed a new technology in ceramics, which has exceptional resistance to heat, and allows these items to be used directly on the gas flame or on electric hobs. to start off this tagine has a lid like a pointed hat, allowing the steam to circulate inside. and though made out of clay is able to withstand the open flame or electric stove top heat. an amazing way to cook and so easy. also much lighter, (30%), than many types of comparable metal cookware products, this flame-top is microwave and dishwasher-safe, cleans up very easily, is extremely strong and durable, goes under the broiler, and can go directly from a freezer or a refrigerator to a hot oven to the table, where it will retain the cooking heat for a very long time. emile henry is available online at amazon. and over to cuisipro for these créme brulèe decorating templates. made with a non-stick coating for easy cleaning, these easily decorate your deserts in a 3 piece set, as well as a holiday design. cuisipro products available online at amazon.



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