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sherry olsen


beautiful hand-painted ceramics from artist, sherry olsen. click here for a list of retailers near you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm crazy for these. I've gone to all the location web sites to order but none have any mention of Sherry Olsen. Help.

12:07 PM  
Blogger The Good Doctor said...


I recognized these because I've wanted them from Clio for quite some time but I'm pretty sure these are the only Sherry Olsen designed dishes Clio has. Anyway, here they are: http://www.clio-home.com/products.php?Category=0122&SubCategory=&id=115

7:04 PM  
Anonymous sherry said...

if you are in berkeley, or thereabouts, you can come to my annual studio sale. just email mail@sherryolsen.net with either your (snail)mailing address or email address and you'll be on the list. currently I don't do mail order. glad you like them. - sherry

8:07 PM  

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