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focus: science and sons


the canadian design team of science and sons have just launched a beautiful collection called "plastidermy" containing wall mounts, sconces and chandeliers made of beautiful "swiss glacial acrylic".


founded by tristan zimmermann, james casey and kathryn tait (who met while studying at the ontario college of art and design), science and sons have taken the idea of taxidermy to a whole new level. their "plastidermy" describes itself as, "an ironically beautiful approach to to decorating with dead animals- partially free unpleasant odors or questionable ethics". while the idea of decorating with dead animals is horrifying to me in the first place, i'm glad these guys came up with a way to riff on the idea of it without having to hurt or kill any animals.


the collection currently contains a deer, swan and hare form available as a wall mount, simple sconce or stunning chandelier. my favorite is of course the chandelier (admitted: chandelier addict). you can view their entire collection right here (more animals to be added soon). [thanks, james!]



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