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gift guide: under $150


it's time for week two of d*s' holiday gift guide, and this time it's products under $150. a bit pricier, but still within the realm of possibility. next week will be splurge items, but they'll be peppered with additional posts, since i doubt most people are really in the market for gifts between the prices of $150 and $500, at least for most people on their list. so, let the under $150 guide begin!


when you're looking for great modern gifts, you can always find something for everyone at velocity, a seattle-based store with a great online catalog as well. my favorites cover gifts for friends, family and pets, too! my favorite gift under right off the bat is a set of beautiful tea, martini or wine glasses from canada's molo design. the simple, elegant design is perfect as a nice housewarming gift, guest gift, gift for wine lovers or just those with a love of modern design. a set of two cups will run you between $69 or $89 depending on which set you choose. my favorites are the martini glasses. if those aren't up your alley, check out the great collection of chilewich tablecloths and placemats they have (people always bring up off-gassing here, please discuss below if you've experienced these products yourself...), a great modern pet dish for fido or feline, gorgeous botanical pillows from ann fiason and amy ruppel and great affordable prints from hyrbid home. enjoy!





Anonymous Anonymous said...

love the under $150 listing because it includes a nice range. thanks d*s. and i'm so glad you posted chilewich images. i had not seen these newer designs and i really like them {better than the older ones}. happy holidays! mav of port2port

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Husmusen said...

Gorgeous placemats!

3:14 PM  

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