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gift guide: under $150


despite being heartbroken that i missed the premier of season 2 of project runway (no cable hookup yet, sob sob), the gift guide trudges on! two more days and hopefully plenty more ideas to make everyone's shopping season a bit more bearable.


amadon has beautiful modern gift ideas that are right for everyone's budget. with a large selection under $50, and even more under $150, amadon has surely got something for everyone. my favorites are the colorful little tape measurers ($8.50), perch piggy bank ($49) and a gorgeous selection of eva zeisel for klein reid vases ($129). all under $150 at amadon. enjoy!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If it's any consolation, Bravo will be showing the first show at least until the second one is on, so you could get a friend to tivo or tape it, or try downloading it off the internet, which is what I do when I miss shows!

2:41 PM  
Anonymous joy said...

grace, i have the first two episodes on tivo. if you want them, i can send you a copy...just let me know! -joy

6:33 PM  

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