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gift guide: under $150


i just discovered branch- a phenomenal online store that carries sustainable products for the modern home. as someone who looks at way too many online stores a day, branch was extremely refreshing. the site was simple, easy to navigate and had great photography for each piece- not to mention many products i'd never seen before (like the cork chair below). my hat is off to branch and their great new store- it's sure to be a huge hit with the design crowd as well as the eco-friendly crowd.


branch had a great selection of items under $150 for the holidays. for children, branch has adorable "cub" cork chairs ($138) made entirely of cast cork which has a dense texture and a visually appealing look. for older children, try mio's grid wall pocket ($60) for storing all sorts of extra goodies that pile up on the floor (papers, homework, magazines...). for the rest of the family try mio's capsule lights (they cast a wonderfully soft light for only $64), GORGEOUS ultrasuede pillows, pillows from k studio, beautiful cork bowls for fruit, etc, salad bowls by bambu ($24) and vintage magazine notecards ($9), sure to please. enjoy!





Anonymous Anonymous said...

at first i thought hmmm isn't the eco friendly trend to stray away from cork since the resource is nearing it's end? and then i went to the site to check what they say and found this :: materials:
Pure granulated cork (reclaimed waste material from the bottle-stopper industry), non-toxic (and ecologically-sound) binding agent

[1st time commenter. new-ish to your blog. instantly addicted =)]

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Angelune said...

i love the grid wall pocket by mio. i love all the recycled content stuff in the branch home catalogue.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous shelly klein said...

Ah.... k studio, branch, and design sponge all in one place. what could be better?

hi to both of you

ps. I'm getting that thing that projects a tree shadow on the wall. thanks d*s.

6:12 PM  

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