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gift guide: under $150


alphabets nyc always has fun gift ideas that make great stocking stuffers and host gifts. jme's big head coasters are a fun way to say thanks for a swingin cocktail party, while the manorisms wine set of 6 different colored glasses ($75) is a good way to get that party started. don't miss the simple, modern crinkle cups ($58) and playful davey crackit nut cracker ($45). tis the season...




Blogger Sarah said...

My squirley nutcracker!!! My hubby gave me this last year for my only present. (we're always broke!) I love my squirley so much!!!

10:05 AM  
Blogger shubsite said...

alphabets is great. if you go to their location in the east vil: after your done, walk south a few blocks and check out lancelotti. small, packed housewares and some furniture w/ lots of stuff you've seen on the pages of d*s. great design easy prices. a few doors down from there is exit 9, a funky home/gift/books/baby stuff/charater design/papergoods shop.

9:51 AM  

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