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gift guide: under $50


well, we're finally moved in...for the mostpart. it turns out our bed and entertainment center don't quite fit in the rooms they need to go in (narrow hallway door entrance) so we get to spend our weekend disassembling furniture. but, the fun part is, you'll get to watch and laugh along with us, because i'm going to blog the entire redecorating process. i was scared to share my most private space with the whole web world, but i think it might be a fun way to see how certain products, furniture, paint and diy projects work or DON'T work for real people. hey, why not learn together, right?

but in the meantime, back to the gift guide! i saw these adorable little licorice piglets in the real simple gift guide and ordered them immediately. nestled in their cute little red and black tin, these piggies are sure to please. and they're $14 price tag should, too! available online at route 29 napa. enjoy!



Anonymous erin t said...

Oink, Oink! These are darling! They remind me of the little pigs from my hand-me-down tin farm set I played with as a child.

12:54 PM  

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