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holiday haiku giveaway!


brooklyn artist, jon setzen of standard motion studio makes the most beautiful prints and tshirts. this holiday season he was kind enough to give a special gift to 2 lucky d*s readers: jon is giving away one of his much sought-after "boxer" t-shirts, two button packs and two prints of the winner's choice. the contest is this:

send in your best holiday haiku (written by YOU, with three lines: 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second and 5 syllables in the third) and jon will pick his favorite two. first place will receive a boxer t, super hip button pack and a gorgeous print of their choice. second place will receive a button pack and a print of their choice as well. send your entries right here, submissions will be accepted today through thursday afternoon at 5pm. please send your mailing address along with your entry so jon can send you your prize on friday!
happy holidays and happy haiku-ing!

[this week's gift guide- gifts under $150 will start at 11!]


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