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29 and feelin fine....


yesterday was so crazy with computer problems at the office that i didn't have time to post a happy birthday to my wonderful ac. he turned 29 yesterday and i just wanted to take a second to celebrate him. to me he's more wonderful than all the great design in the world. in the universe, really. happy birthday ac, here's to another wonderful year!

[ps: we had a hysterical dinner at 66 last night to celebrate. somehow our waiter thought we ordered two tasting menus (though we clearly said ac was the only one getting it), along with 4 other dishes. an hour into dinner the dishes just wouldn't stop coming and somehow the smallest people in the restaurant were covered in plates of shumai and spicy egg noodles. the other customers must have thought we were insane. all i could think was, "no more food, no more food!"]


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