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the agave light from dwr ($461) is an elegant pendant lamp designed by diego rossi and raffaelle tedesco. an experiment in using fluorescent bulbs to create an energy-efficient fixture, the agave light uses acrylic to recreate the rosette of an agave plant. in addition, the lamp optimizes light distribution, whether throughout a room or over a table top and comes with three primary colored light filters, for a total of nine shades of light to let you customize the room’s hues according to mood or event. very cool. more info and purchasing right here.

that's all for this week. thanks for all the input and advice on the apartment project. i'm producing a photo shoot for new york home magazine in park slope this weekend, so i won't have time to paint or decorate, but i'll be back next week with more apartment updates and notes on decorating do's and don'ts (mostly don'ts). have a great weekend!



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