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dirty linens

Copy of toile

while searching for a cream and black toile roman shade for our new kitchen, i got an email with this saucy version of toile. certainly not for the faint at heart (there are two much, much saucier versions on the website), this updated toile pattern is available at groovy q online as part of their "dirty linens" line of pillowcases, sheets, boxers and lounge pants. certainly on the kitschy side, but definitely fun if you're looking for a non-traditional version of a traditional print. (reminds me of that scene in "the bird cage" when the guests realize the bowls they're eating off of depict something that looks like "young boys playing leapfrog"...). available online right here, have fun...




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Timorous Beasties rip-off.

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Go to www.timorousbeasties.co.uk to see for yourself.

Many of the patterns from groovy q were licensed from Tom of Finland.

Get your facts straight and Look before blasting someone as a rip off.

11:03 AM  

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