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the d*s apt project: episode two [the kitchen]

New Kitchen Color (Hot Springs Stones) 1

the kitchen represents all of the mistakes i've made in the apt so far [click here for full pics and color mistakes i've made so far]. our poor kitchen was painted white at first, then dark blue (to match a photo from domino), then dark red (like laura yaggy's kitchen in domino) and back to a cremey oatmeal. ac's hoping the third time's a charm, but something about the color isn't quite right yet, but hey, let's start at the beginning.

Old Kitchen

the kitchen is tiny (very tiny) and has limited counter and storage space. the cabinets are old and basically need to be taken out, but until our landlord agrees to do that (which she never will), i decided to repaint them white and try to fill in chips and dents with wood filler. we painted the walls a cremey oatmeal color after i decided the dark blue was too cold and the red was well, too red. ms. pancake suggested a creme/black/white theme with a fancy schmancy chandy for the lighting. i agreed and painted the walls creme and plan on painting our kitchen island a glossy black to match with possibly a black and creme toile roman shade for the window (any suggestions for fabric here? i'm not stuck on toile). i've also decided to cover the hideous grey tiles with FLOR tiles. they're easy to clean and easy to remove, so they're a win win for a rental situation. not to mention, we don't cook as much as i think we do, so stains are something of a faint issue, but not super pressing. top that off with a gorgeous chandelier i got for christmas from ballard co and hopefully it will all pull together to achieve the creme/black/white crystal chandy luxe look that stacy suggested. although somehow i think the george foreman grill somehow kills the "luxe" look. oh well, you gotta cook, right? [storage is an issue here so if anyone has suggestions for creative wall storage please feel free to spill- i'm thinking of building shelves on the wall to the left of the sink and next to the fridge above the island, but am worried it will be too cluttered...]



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