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furni creations


the montreal based design studio of furni creations is run by designers, mike giles and devin barrette. their mission is to offer, "alternatives to cookie cutter lifestyles" with simple, short-run handcrafted furniture and accessories for the home. their work has a smooth, modern look that combines dark and light wood with unassuming, minimalist shapes. their clocks (table and wall) are my favorite. you can find more information on furni and their work right here. enjoy!





Anonymous Angie said...

Plus they're really nice guys, and Mike's girlfriend is super stylish, and my boyfriend is super happy Mike invited him to join his band.

Way to go Montreal kids!

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Creede said...

Yeah, these guys really rock. I was forutnate enough to do an interview with them over at http://www.grassrootsmodern.com and after talking a while, I was very impressed with them.

7:30 AM  

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