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karl johnson


silhouettes were all over the design world in a big way last year, and still continue to be- with the neo-baroque look of last year still being so popular, it's not uncommon to still see bedding, pillows, plates and more decorated with elegant black and white silhouettes. while i'm nearing the end of my own personal interest in the trend, i think the idea of silhouettes is certainly a timeless one and can be used in a number of decorative ways that add elegance and style to a room. whether you're looking to add silhouettes to furniture or just frame them as art, artist karl johnson has got you covered.

specializing in customized, hand-cut silhouette portraiture, karl johnson creates beautiful works of art from photographs sent in by customers. his pricing is extremely affordable for the amount of time that must go into cutting each one by hand, so i think it's definitely worth checking out. each original silhouette costs $20 and any additional silhouettes (of the same image) cost $10 a piece. in additional karl does speciality pieces upon request. you can find more information on karl and his work (and see him in next month's issue of domino) right here. enjoy!



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