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oldie but a goodie


this is not a brand new product by any means (it came out in 2004), but sometimes i like to go back to modern classics and celebrate them all over again. alessi's todo grater has such a stunningly sleek, elegant form that it's hardly the sort of cooking utensil you'd hide in a drawer or cabinet. more like a sculpture than a device for shredding things, this beauty is available at fitzsu for $64. enjoy!



Anonymous Tiana said...

Just a note on this;
It is very difficult to clean ou the inside if you actually intend to use it...

2:10 PM  
Blogger miranda said...

I was going to comment that it LOOKS very difficult to clean - and lo, Tiana has said it for me. If the wooden part is removable a bottle brush might work. If not... it looks great, but it's not as functional as it could be.

5:34 AM  

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