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palace papers


in an ideal world, i'd be able to wallpaper at least one room of my apartment. but seeing as i'm a renter and don't want to even think about having to take down wallpaper and repaint when we move, i'm destined to just window shop beauties like this. founded in 2004 by designer, casey gunschel, palace papers produces a small, but lovely, line of silk screened wallpapers of which i can't get enough. with names like "nevermore" (an edgar allen poe-esque raven print), "cockney" (a rooster print) and "cornish" (a subtle, classy corn-cob print), you can't lose. ms. gunschel's line is sure to be a success and i can't wait to see what she comes up with next...perhaps lovely fabric versions of the papers? you can find more information on palace papers right here (be sure to check out "carnivale"- an adorable pink children's print). enjoy!





Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the latest issue of domino one of the homeowner spreads featured a really basic vintage chest of drawers with a wallpapered front. I thought it was a really nice way to update old flat-fronted furniture, and a great fix for your wallpaper addiction!

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