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paper mills


i'm a sucker for a good houndstooth, especially an updated version. this great design, called "nono chanel", is by paper mills, a brooklyn based design studio run by two sisters who studied at the pennsylvania academy of art and the university of the arts. their handprinted papers are the perfect combination of rough and refined and come in a number of beautiful patterns. it seems that they're trade only right now (sold through showrooms and interior designers) but if you have a friend in the design industry, i'm sure they could hook you up. or maybe paper mills would be kind enough to sell directly to you if you're interested. you can view their whole collection and contact them right here. enjoy!





Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea I really like their designs too - If you are in a territory that doesnt have a showroom - I think they are willing to sell directly to the public.

They currently are represented in NY, FLA and LA.

1:57 PM  

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