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stone park cafe


d*s doesn't often cover restaurants, but i've been obsessing over this local favorite for a few weeks now and felt compelled to mention it (perhaps it's because i'm close to my lunch break).

opened in september of 2004, stone park cafe is a wonderful little restaurant in brooklyn's park slope neighborhood. we're fortunate enough to live two blocks away from it and it's fast becoming my sunday brunch favorite. ever since we moved, i've been trying to find a local brunch replacement for dumont, one of my favorite restaurants of all time. but now stone park cafe has matched the warm yet modern decor and spectacular brunch options of dumont (check out the gorgeous terra cotta colored wall by the bar, such a lovely color). not to mention, i'm quite smitten with their logo (i know, bird overkill, but this one is subdued and paired with an excellent font choice).

we've yet to eat dinner there, but the food we've had there has been wonderful so far (i highly recommend the ciabatta eggs benedict- with spinach). so, if you're ever in the neighborhood, i highly recommend a visit- but take note that that don't serve breakfast drinks (the alcoholic kind) until noon so if you come at 11, sip on some of their delicious coffee until the real drinks start flowing. stone park's website is right here (you can take the f train to 9th street or the r to 4th ave, the restaurant is on 5th avenue and 3rd street). enjoy!





Anonymous joy said...

sounds lovely! i'll have to make a visit next time i'm in brooklyn!

2:22 PM  
Blogger d said...

I haven't been there for brunch yet but it's not far from home.

Just up 5th around Union (Garfield perhaps) is "Miriam", where I like to go for Brunch. Reasonably priced, not TOO crowded (especially if you get there earlier).

3:30 PM  
Anonymous workroom said...

oooh yum, and nicely designed site to boot!
reading the menu makes me hungry...
thanks for the heads up!

5:48 PM  
Anonymous lc said...

i agree- very yummy, and pretty interior

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My last meal there was subpar - tepid and nearly raw duck. When I sent it back to be cooked a little more (or just cooked...) it was put under a heat lamp and sent back. There were other kitchen errors around the room that night so maybe Chef was having an off night. Still, for the price I paid it shouldn't have happened. I'll probably go back but it will be a while. (but you're right - great logo and love the bar)

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your design assessment of this place and with other comments about the bar. It is an understated place with very clean lines. I noticed that their food comes out on large, stark white plates, so there is clearly a clean and focused sensibility about the decor. Also, I sat at the bar which is just a nice large slab of walnut, basically unfinished, with some stainless steel built onto it. Overall, a very good experience, thanks for the tip.

6:21 PM  

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