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tiny showcase


if the zeisel/klein reid print is out of your budget, don't forget about tiny showcase- a wonderful online resource for affordable artwork. founded in 2004, tiny showcase shows a new print every week that is affordably priced at around $15-$20. they sell out quickly (really, really quickly), so be sure to check often. the selection is fantastic and a percentage of the proceeds go to a charity of the artist's choosing. tiny showcase is a really great way to support artists and take home a piece of original artwork that won't require a second mortgage. more info and gallery right here. enjoy!



Anonymous Cuse said...

I've bought about 4 prints from tinyshowcase. They're great (despite the recent price increase). But be sure you check every Tuesday at 9pm ESTish, 'cause they sell out really fast.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Shimone said...

TS announced today that due to popular demand they will be increasing the print limitation from 50 to 100 - starting tonight!

8:22 PM  
Blogger Carl Alviani said...

The traffic light painting on the right is by my friend and former roomate! Her name is Rachel Salomon, and she's kind of amazingly talented, but has only put a very few pieces on TS. Her website www.rachelsalomon.com is worth looking at.

10:32 AM  

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